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​"Lil Clubhouse is an inclusive centre, that offers a warm, creative environment where ​children are exposed to the world of discovery, exploration a​​n​d learning in our ​program."

Jennifer Gordon - Lil Clubhouse Director

Lil Clubhouse is a licensed Infant Toddler and Group Childcare Centre, where we treat your child like our own family. Lil Clubhouse provides a safe and stimulating environment for your child to Learn, Play and Grow. We are an inclusive centre for children 1-5 years old.

We are conveniently located near Oak Street and Knight Street Bridge with easy access to the Massey Tunnel, Hwy 99 and Hwy 91. We have a large fenced-in outdoor play area full of child-friendly play structures as well as an adjacent park to enjoy. Being outdoor rain or shine every day gives the children beneficial exercise, teaches them to explore new games and become confident in learning to try new things.​ 

Although we are located inside Fraserview Mennonite Church, Lil Clubhouse Childcare is an independent licensed Infant Toddler & Group Childcare Centre in BC. Our curriculum and programs are independent of religious ideology, respecting all beliefs.​ 



Storytelling and books are a part of a child's life. Therefore, we use these moments to stimulate reading through books, visual images, felt board, puppetry and imagination.


Lil Clubhouse offers an amazing, easy and fun method in the process of learning the letters of the alphabet, sound and writing. This fascinating phonetic curriculum is based on the daily experience of the child, using different themes.

Science Explorations

Science explorations allow children to explore our amazing world from our indoor and outdoor spaces. Using different technologies we carry out science experiments to explore and learn about our world.​​

Creative Art

Our programme aims to develop children's creative capacity through music, painting, sculpture and other elements that promote creativity. We also use different artistic forms as a way of teaching children to express themselves in a fun and imaginative way.


We encourage children to develop social skills through physical activities such as soccer. Our aim is ​for children to feel confident to build positive social relationships with others through collaborative physical activities.​


Taekwondo means "way of the feet and hands through the mind". The aim of Taekwondo is through training, to enable the practitioner to acquire a strong and healthy body and mind, respect, discipline and humility.

Lil Clubhouse Childcare offers a complete program designed to suit each age group. 

In each program, children experience different activities from our curriculum specially designed to nurture curiosity, creativity and child development


1 - 3 YEARS


3 - 5 YEARS

Our partner centres have a similar structure and the same passion for providing quality childcare.

We maintain the same curriculum and work methodology based on approaches encouraging and promoting child development.​ South Delta Wee Childcare & Wee Clubhouse is located in South Delta.



Wee Childcare is located at:

4750 - 57 Street, Ladner BC

V4K 3C9



Wee Clubhouse is located at:

4737 - 57 Street, Ladner BC

V4K 4C7

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